Michael D. Davis

Social Media and Professional Relationship Development

When asked what Michael D. Davis does for a living the answer is straightforward. “I help people find their Smile”. As this is a rather unexpected and an admittedly unique job description it usually results in Michael being met with a puzzled look and a question; “what do you mean?” It's a question Michael delights in answering, yet one that's not always fully  appreciated or
understood. But then most unique and fulfilling opportunities in life rarely are understood or appreciated upon initial introduction. It may even take some contemplation and honest soul searching for a person to fully accept.

Michael, a US Army Veteran and Combat Photographer, (84 Bravo), has spent the greater part of his life as a practitioner and mentor in the art and science of photography. More importantly, he is a passionate observer of the dynamic and ever changing social environment and its effects on human behavior. Michael has come to the conclusion that each of us must find our uniquely individual Smile’ if we are to achieve meaningful success and true fulfillment in life. Michael’s personal ‘Smile’ is helping others understand and equip them selves to do just that.


Working with individuals, companies & organizations who are committed to nurturing, promoting & helping people discover & apply their passion, skills & purpose in a dynamic and meaningful way.


Mentoring . Consulting . Accountability Partnerships . Lifestyle Coaching . Writing . Photography . Networking . Public Speaking . Building Leaders . Life Enrichment . Creative Direction . Branding . Entrepreneurship . Smiling


Disciplined . Honest . Reliable . Truthful . Positive . Respectful . Caring . Social . Motivational . Inspirational . Spiritual . Helpful . Giving . Intellectual . Creative . Thought Leader . Collaborator . Action Based . Result Oriented. Listener . Dreamer . Doer


Medford Parks Foundation . American Heroes Network . Children’s Miracle Network


"Michael D. Davis always brings passion, intelligence and dedication to the job. His work for the Medford Parks, Recreation and Facilities Department has helped increase awareness of programs and services within the community as a result of his editorial and event photography skills."  Rich Rosenthal, CPRP    Director – Parks, Recreation and Facilities Department
City of Medford (Ore.)